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Skirting Board

We at Netley Joinery are proud of the high quality products and services that we provide to our clients, and the craftsmanship and pride in their work of our team of craftsmen is reflected in the quality of the wooden skirting that we supply from our workshops near Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Skirting has been used in buildings for centuries, its principal purpose being to hide the join between the floor and the wall. It also has other functions, though; it helps to prevent draughts and also acts as a decorative feature.

As with any architectural feature, over the centuries different styles of decoration come into fashion before being replaced, and these fashion trends are reflected in the variety of styles of skirting that are available. Thus, we have styles such as Tudor skirting, Georgian skirting, Victorian skirting and Edwardian skirting, as well as modern designs.

Our craftsmen are able to produce replica mouldings of all the above types plus many others. We can also supply more standard designs. Not only that, but the bespoke skirting boards that we supply can be made to the size and length that you require, and we always do our very best to meet every detail of your individual requirements, including working in new designs. Of course, if you want us to replicate your existing skirting we are able to do this.

We can supply skirting in either hardwood or softwood, and also in a range of finishes – plain wood, painted or varnished. If you want to fit your new architrave or skirting board yourself that is fine, but we also offer an installation service, and we shall be pleased to give you details of that on request.

You can be sure that whatever the specification of the product, in dealing with Netley Joinery you will be buying a high quality item.

Whatever your project, whether you are redecorating or renovating a room or house, or building a new house, please contact us to discuss your skirting board requirements. We will be very happy to show you what we can do for you.

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Here at Netley Joinery we are proud of the reputation we have for the high quality of the products and services that we supply to our clients. We have many years’ experience in the design and production of quality bespoke joinery and furniture, and our designers and the team of craftsmen who work in our workshop near Shrewsbury in Shropshire are second to none in their skill and attention to detail. These attributes are reflected in the quality of the wooden architrave that we produce in our workshops.

The wooden surround that you find in nearly all buildings around the doors and windows is known as architrave. These horizontal and upright sections are not to be confused with the main beam that was seated on two columns to form a gateway in classical architecture, which shares the name architrave!

Wooden architrave has been used in buildings for many centuries, and therefore comes in a variety of historical and contemporary styles. Utilising the skills of our team of craftsmen, Netley Joinery can supply bespoke wooden architrave manufactured to your specification in a whole range of styles and sizes, including new designs and the replication of existing architrave. If your requirement is for a more standard design that is fine as well.

We are able to supply architrave in hardwood or softwood, and also in a variety of finishes – plain, painted or varnished. If you just want us to supply your architrave, so that you can install it yourself, we shall be pleased to do that. Alternatively, we offer you an installation service, and would be very pleased to discuss that with you.

No matter what your architrave requirements are, whether you are building a new house or renovating an existing house, we are confident that you will benefit from the first class quality service and product that we offer at Netley Joinery. We hope to hear from you, and to have the opportunity to demonstrate how you can benefit from our services.

A selection of work from our portfolio


A selection of work from our portfolio