Netley Joinery’s reputation for producing high quality bespoke wooden doors has been well earned over many years through a variety of different projects.

The meticulous attention to detail and workmanship of our craftsmen, combined with the quality and versatility of our design, sets our work apart whether your requirement is for a flush door in a modern style or a solid oak door in the Georgian style.

Maybe you are looking for a traditional internal or external door for an historic building?

The characteristics of a wooden door in a Victorian property will differ widely from those of a building of the Georgian or Tudor periods. For instance, the height and width of doorways of different eras differ considerably, as do other features such as the door thickness. On top of that the door furniture – door handles, locks and latches –also vary. Netley Joinery can cope with all these variations in styles and sizes, and provide you with a bespoke wooden door that meets your requirements.

In the main, wooden doors for historic properties tend to be made from oak, but we are able to manufacture to your requirements in a variety of types of quality timber. Not only that, but because the timber we use will have been treated with appropriate preservative, it will be long lasting as well as attractive.

When wooden doors for a historical building are replaced it is often the case that the wooden door frames are replaced at the same time. Here again, Netley Joinery offers a quality, bespoke solution.

If you are dealing with a more modern property, we can still provide you with a bespoke wooden door to be admired in any of a wide range of timbers and modern styles. Just let us know your requirements and we will set our team of expert designers and craftsman to work! Here again, we can supply a wooden door frame at the same time, if required.

Of course, there are other types of bespoke wooden doors that we are equally adept at supplying, in any style you may require. To mention just a few, these include French doors, shop doors, fire doors, barn conversion doors and gates.